‘Tomb Raider’ star D.J. Johnson, actress Ashley Judd, and other Hollywood figures to attend inauguration parade

Breitbart News is reporting that the following celebrities, including D.D. Johnson (of “The Walking Dead”), Ashley Judd (of Judd Apatow’s “The Girl on the Train”), and other celebs, are scheduled to attend the inauguration parade on January 20.

They will be in attendance at Liberty Place on Pennsylvania Avenue.

The parade is organized by The Coalition for Freedom and Democracy and was recently organized by “The League of United Latin American Citizens,” a conservative group that has been criticized for its association with the Black Lives Matter movement.

The parade has become a major source of controversy after a video was released last year in which a group of people dressed as zombies march through the parade, carrying signs that read, “Stop the slaughter,” and “Love is love, not hate.”

The video caused outrage among conservatives, with many arguing that it violated the civil liberties of Americans participating in the parade.

Several members of the “League of United Lesbians and Gays” participated in the march, as well as “The Alliance of American Women for Equality,” the “Women’s March,” and other protests in Washington, D.C. in support of women’s rights.

According to Breitbart News, the organizers of the march have said that they plan to keep the same amount of people in the park, but that it will be less of a presence, as the march is meant to be “more peaceful.”

In a statement to Breitbart, the organization said that the “women’s march” will continue on Pennsylvania Ave.

and will be held every year on January 4, the day of President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

“While we respect all Americans’ right to protest, we are in no way endorsing violence or any other forms of disruption, and we will not be participating in any demonstrations or protests,” the statement read.

“The women’s march will continue to be a peaceful event that honors all Americans regardless of their political views.”

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