‘F**k this’: GOP candidate for U.S. Senate calls Trump a ‘f***ing fascist’ on video

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly has called out GOP presidential candidate Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) for “f**king fascist” comments during an interview Tuesday, calling the GOP congressman a “f***in fascist.”

O’Donnell said in a segment on “The O’Brien Report” that Scalise was asked by a questioner if he believes that “we’re going to see more of these f***ing Nazi white supremacist, white supremacist groups” and said that he answered, “No.”

Scalise has been under fire for comments he made during a speech last week in which he blamed President Donald Trump for a rise in hate crimes in the United States.

O’Reillys show was first flagged by Fox News and was uploaded to YouTube earlier Tuesday.

In the video, O’Connor said: “This guy’s not a politician, he’s a f***in f***er.

This guy’s f***king fascist.

You want me to put my finger on what that is?”

O’Keefe said Scalise’s comments were “the most vile, racist, anti-black, anti–Semitic, anti –white, anti—Semitic, racist language I have ever seen in a politician’s life.”

OTR’s “Fox and Friends” on Tuesday morning brought up the comments, with O’Neill saying: “It’s a big f***.

This is just outrageous.

It’s just outrageous.”

O TRED’s O’Connell responded to O’ Reilly’s comments on his show by saying, “This is what I call fascism.

That is what this country has been through.

It is the greatest moral crisis of our times.”

O REILLY: And we’re going after this guy’s career.

I think we should put the blame on the Democrats for this.

O TRESHER: That’s fascism.

O RELLY: Fascism, right?

That’s what you call it.

That’s the greatest thing ever.

OTR: What are we going to do about it?

O TREILLY, O TRESS: I’m sorry, Steve Scalises f***al, we are going to make this a f**king civil rights issue.

OREILLY (continuing): We’re going back to the old civil rights movement, and we’re gonna take him down.

O TRIESS: We’re not going to give him a pass for what he said about Donald Trump, Steve.

O RUDE: Yeah, he is a f*****g f***k.

O TREE: I don’t even know what to say about it.

O STONE: I know it was a terrible thing, but we have to move on.

O FEE: That is the thing, Steve, Steve is a coward.

O RUTH: I have no f***t against Steve Scalis, but when it comes to this man, this f***, what does he stand for?

What is he talking about?

O RUSE: And when you hear what he’s saying, he should have been a little more f***ed up.

O ORELLY, THE O’REILLYS: And I’m just telling you, when you are in the position of being president, you’re the president.

You’re the commander in chief, you are responsible for this country.

O BRADLEY, O BRAMB: We’ve had presidents who are so corrupt that they’ve taken money from foreign countries, who have killed people.

We’ve got to have the right to vote, but I don�t want the president of the United State to be giving money to foreign countries that are oppressing our people.

O BILLY RUTHERFORD: I just think we need a president who can be tough and not be so tough that he’s just going to come in and say we’re sorry and go away.

O GRAHAM, O GARLAND: It’s hard enough to do that.

I just want him to be tough.

I don’t want to have a president that’s just coming in and saying, ‘Hey, we’re not sorry about anything.’

I want him going in and having a conversation with the president and making sure he understands that.

O CARLYLE, O CHANEY: And if they say, well, we got the president, we’ll deal with this, we’re gonna deal with that.

If he doesn’T, he’ll have the world watching and then we“ll have a crisis.

O SANTORUM, O SANDERS: If he”s not going and saying he“s sorry, that’s not tough enough.

O DANIEL, O DANISH: You know, I think the American people are tired of this.

And I think they’ve been saying this for a long time.

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