When is a rape not a rape?

A video of a rape in Texas has gone viral and garnered widespread attention.

In the video, two people are shown repeatedly slapping, kicking, and hitting the unconscious victim.

The victim says, “He hit me, he punched me, I was unconscious, I had no idea.”

A witness told local ABC affiliate KXAN that she saw one of the men hit her in the face with a baton and said she tried to run away.

She said the man followed her and yelled at her to get on her knees, and when she didn’t comply, she said she hit him with her fist.

Another witness told KXH that she was struck in the head with a rock while walking to the emergency room.

KXAN also reported that another woman, who was walking with her children, was hit in the foot and head by the same man who was seen slapping and kicking her in front of her family.

“I just saw his hand go into my shoe and I thought he was going to hurt me, but he didn’t.

He was just trying to push me into the car, and I said, ‘Why are you doing this to me?'” the woman said in a statement to KXAH.

In a statement posted to the Facebook page of the Dallas Area Rapid Transit, Transit Commissioner Charles Gwynne called the assault “unfortunate.”

“It is disappointing to hear that someone is abusing this victim’s rights to remain in a hospital or on the street for help,” Gwynnes said.

But the victim said she had no choice but to tell police about the assault.

“I don’t know what to say.

It just feels like I’m going to die,” she said in the statement.

Police arrested the suspect on Wednesday, and he is being held without bond.

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