How to use Google Photos to record your commute with Google Photos app

A bunch of us have been on this same path: finding the best photos to use in the Google Photos interface, and then figuring out how to record them. 

It’s pretty straightforward to set up. 

We know that Google has the ability to record video, too, so it’s a lot of work to set it up right.

But the best thing about Google Photos is that you can record your travels. 

In fact, the best part is that it’s easy to record what you need to remember in a few simple steps. 

First, download the Google Maps app. 

This is the most basic Google Maps application, but it’s so powerful that you might want to make sure you’re not using a different app.

Once you’ve downloaded it, just open up Google Maps. 

The app will show you all of your Google Maps locations and directions. 

To get started, you’ll need to pick a location. 

Here’s where you’ll go. 

Now, you’re going to start by tapping the + button. 

You can tap on the little circle icon that appears in the bottom left corner of the map, or you can tap the arrow icon to expand it. 

From here, you can select a location from the list, or click on a tile to expand the area of the image. 

When you’re finished, tap the square icon to add a tile. 

Once you’re done adding tiles, tap Add tile to add more tiles. 

After you add tiles, you want to click on the tile to start recording. 

Your camera should be recording in the background, but the Google app doesn’t have to. 

If you’ve set your phone to record with a microphone, you might need to turn off your microphone, then turn it back on. 

Just remember to turn it off before you start recording, or else your recordings might not be as clear. 

At this point, you should be able to tap the record button to start your recording.

The Google Photos camera app is pretty straightforward, and there’s a ton of features that you won’t find in other Google apps. 

For starters, you have the option to record audio as well as video, and you can choose whether to record from the front or back. 

As with most apps, you need a Google account to record videos, but you don’t have access to your photos. 

There are also options to record photos or videos, as well. 

Depending on your location, you may want to set your camera’s exposure, the type of lens you use, or whether to turn your phone’s flash on and off. 

Finally, you also have the ability set up the recording to a different camera, such as a smartphone or a camcorder. 

While the Google Camera app is fairly basic, it can do a lot. 

So if you’re a first-time user of Google Photos, take a look at this tutorial and see if you can figure out how it works.

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