Which one of the Republican candidates has the most anti-LGBTQ record?

The first GOP presidential debate is underway.

The first Republican presidential debate.

The second Republican presidential candidate is facing off against a Democratic opponent.

Both are candidates seeking the GOP nomination.

What do these candidates have in common?

They all are anti- LGBT rights.

When it comes to social issues, we’ve seen that the GOP is a party that often takes sides and makes concessions.

It’s the same way when it comes the LGBT community.

Republicans have consistently taken sides and made concessions on the issue of social issues.

And it’s the exact same thing when it is the LGBT communities rights.

It is important to understand that the two sides are in this together, and they are fighting on the same side.

It has always been that way.

In the past, the GOP has not been willing to take the fight to the issue.

The Republicans have always sided with the anti-gay activists, and the LGBT activists have always opposed the Republicans.

This is why the GOP candidates, especially those running for president, are not afraid to make statements that are against the LGBT cause.

They don’t shy away from making such statements, and many have done so on a very regular basis.

It also goes without saying that these are all Republican candidates.

If they are running for the Republican Party, they are willing to stand up and say that anti-transgender violence is a major problem, and that it should be addressed.

The first Republican candidate to make this statement, Sen. Marco Rubio, was the first to call out anti-Transgender violence and called out the use of “bathroom bills” that are intended to make it illegal to use a bathroom that does not conform to a transgender person’s gender identity.

Rubio also took the time to denounce the anti, anti-Muslim sentiment and called for a greater focus on Islamophobia and hate.

This was a statement that many Republicans would never do.

In fact, it would have been impossible for the first Republican nominee, Donald Trump, to say this statement without facing the wrath of the anti.

Trump has never taken a stand on any social issues that is not in line with his own political position.

Rubio has, but he has never used the term “LGBTQ rights” in any way.

The only time he has ever used the word “LGBT” was when he was running for President, when he said he believes that “there are so many good things that happen to a person if they are able to be who they are who they were born to be.”

Rubio, the first candidate to publicly denounce anti-gender violence, has been the first of the GOP’s candidates to call for greater attention to the problem of anti-Islamophobia and anti-Black racism.

He also has been an outspoken supporter of the “religious freedom” bill that would allow businesses and businesses that receive federal funds to refuse service to those who believe differently than they do.

These are the same anti-Christian and anti Muslim positions that have always been the GOP platform.

If Rubio wants to be President, he should not be afraid to call this out on the stage.

Rubio’s remarks are important, because these positions are not being made by the first GOP candidate.

Donald Trump has called out anti-“LGBTQ” legislation and has said that he does not believe that anti-“transgender” legislation is appropriate.

And when it came to Islamophobia, Trump has been outspoken against anti-Muslims.

Trump and his supporters have been the ones that have been using the term anti-Islamic and anti-“Muslim.”

The anti-anti-Islamic rhetoric and rhetoric that is being put out by the anti-“gay” Republican candidates, the “Muslim ban” and the “ban on Muslims entering the country” is a clear indication that the Republican party has been too far left.

It appears as though the Republican establishment and their political leadership has moved to the left, and it appears that the LGBT and Muslim communities are becoming the majority in this party.

This trend is not new.

The GOP’s platform of hate and violence is also being pushed by the Anti-Defamation League.

The Anti-DEFAMatory League has used the GOP as a platform for its anti-Semitism.

The “hate crime” rhetoric and anti—Muslim rhetoric that the Anti-“LGBT” candidates are promoting are exactly the same language that the ADL has used in the past.

The ADL, in turn, has used this language in the future.

The Trump administration and the GOP have been known to use anti-Arab, anti-“Islamophobia” rhetoric in order to further divide the Muslim community.

The recent actions of the Trump administration in Syria, and especially the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons, is another clear indication of the ADLS willingness to use the GOP for its own ends.

This has been one of Trump’s most popular campaigns, and one of his most vocal.

But it also speaks to the fact that the Trump presidency and the Anti—Defamation league’s efforts to

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