‘Basketball’s Back’: Why is it so popular?

The popularity of basketball has been trending ever since the game was first introduced to the world.

According to Nielsen, in 2017 the NBA averaged an average of 19.3 million viewers per game.

This means that over 20 million people watched the NBA on average every single day.

In addition, according to Nielsen the NBA also averaged an audience of 17.8 million viewers every night during the week of October 10, 2018.

The number of NBA games watched has increased by nearly 60% in the past decade.

While this statistic may seem surprising to you, it is actually a reflection of how much of a huge game basketball is.

There are more than 60 million NBA games on television every night and each of those games has over 6.2 million people watching.

The NBA has an audience across multiple generations, with the average age of the viewer at this time being 25 years old.

The average NBA game lasts approximately 3.8 minutes.

If you average all of those minutes together, the average game lasts around 17 minutes.

The most popular NBA game on television in 2017 was the NBA Finals, which saw the Warriors take home the title.

The Finals featured the Warriors taking on the Golden State Warriors in Game 6 of the NBA Western Conference Finals.

The Golden State Golden State, led by the iconic Stephen Curry, were the only team to ever defeat the Warriors in a Finals game.

The Warriors are the only NBA team to win the championship in every Finals since the 1960s.

The following are some of the highlights from the 2017 NBA Finals: Ahead of Game 6, Stephen Curry was able to score 31 points in the first half.

The game began with Curry taking a 3 point shot to start the half.

After the first quarter, the Warriors scored 29 points to take the lead.

Curry was fouled twice, but still managed to score 27 points in that period.

Curry finished the half with 24 points on 9 of 12 shooting from the field.

After Curry scored 23 points in one quarter, it was time for the Warriors to take over.

The team began the second quarter with a 15-2 run to take a commanding 25-22 lead.

The lead continued to grow as Curry continued to play well.

After scoring 25 points in just under 2 minutes, Curry hit another 3 to end the half and take a 33-31 lead.

This was the longest run of the game for the Golden States.

The second quarter continued to stretch the lead to 30 points.

Curry had a team-high 24 points in 3 minutes to start Game 3.

The next four minutes saw Curry score a total of 13 points.

The Cavaliers’ offense was clicking for the second straight quarter.

After shooting 57% from the floor, Curry scored 17 points in only 14 minutes.

Curry went to the line with 16 points on 6 of 10 shooting in the fourth quarter.

The Cavs got the lead back to 25 points with 3:55 left.

The last six minutes of the quarter saw the Cavaliers make a run to cut the lead in half.

However, the Golden Warriors held on and finished the game with a 27-25 win.

The 2017 NBA Playoffs saw the Golden Hawks take on the Cleveland Cavaliers in the second round of the playoffs.

The Hawks led the series with a 14-1 series lead heading into Game 1 of Game 2.

Game 1 was a must-win for the Hawks, as the Cavs had won two of the previous three games.

Game 2 was a close game, but the Hawks had a commanding 16-point lead going into the fourth overtime.

The final score of Game 3 was tied at 25 points.

This meant that the Hawks would have to win Game 4 to force a Game 5.

The Cleveland Cavaliers had an opportunity to win this game, as they had the first shot on goal of Game 4.

However the Cavaliers were able to convert the shot in overtime.

Game 5 was a much closer game, with Game 5 tied at 41 points.

However this was only the second time in the series that the Cavaliers had been able to win a Game 6.

The two teams traded scoreless possessions for the next four games, and Game 7 was a great opportunity for the Cavaliers to get back into the series.

Game 7 saw the two teams come out on top.

The first quarter was the most entertaining of the entire series.

The teams exchanged baskets for most of the first two quarters, and Curry had 14 points in 13 minutes.

As the second half wore on, it became clear that Curry was the star of the show.

After finishing with 27 points on 7 of 14 shooting, Curry led the Hawks to a 38-28 lead in the third quarter.

In the fourth, Curry continued his incredible play, scoring 30 points on 10 of 12 from the line.

Curry led all scorers with 18 points.

After a seven-point second quarter, James Harden scored 20 points to cut a 17-point deficit to 10 with 5:45 left.

James Harden continued to dominate the

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