How to ruin your iPhone’s audio for your own entertainment purposes

Posted by Ars Technic on October 16, 2018 03:09:53  The audio jack is a common piece of hardware that’s used in most smartphones and is also used to connect various components to the device.

A new gadget called the  Frazzly Video  is a cheap video editing software that can make you forget about that audio jack altogether.

Frazy uses a fuzzy method to record audio streams from an iPhone, then plays them back on the TV.

It uses an app called  frazyplayer  that’s available for Android and Windows devices.

Once you install it, you’ll find the app on your phone’s home screen, along with a menu of featured filters.

Each filter lets you choose which parts of the video stream to cut, or the interval between cuts.

For example, if you wanted to cut in at a certain time, you could choose to record a clip at 1:00, then cut to a video at 2:00.

You can also select which part of the stream to play back first, and then choose the time you want the video to start.

This is where the app really shines, and I’ve been using it to edit a few videos since I first started using an iPhone back in 2015.

My first-ever iPhone video edit is the following: Frakly Video  (left) with  filtering turned on, in real-time, and

Screenshot from (right) in full screen.

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