Twitter’s video downloaders are getting a new update.

Posted October 09, 2018 08:00:00 The latest update for Twitter’s YouTube app has made it easier for users to download videos and stream them on their computers and smartphones.

It also brings a new interface that makes it easier to browse videos and add them to favorites.

The update brings the following improvements:Improved search results for search terms, and simplified search results and filtering for YouTube videos, video views, and subscriptions.

Improved search for “videos” and “streams” in the “About” section of the Twitter account screen.

More than 2 million new YouTube users have been added since the app was first launched in 2014, with over 300 million people now using the app daily.

The update also brings the ability to watch video clips from YouTube videos from your computer or smartphone, and add that video to your YouTube playlist.

In the “about” section, you can now see your favorite videos on YouTube.

You can also find new videos on the Twitter app’s dedicated channel page.

The app also now includes an app shortcut icon in the bottom right of the YouTube app.

In addition to these new features, the update brings a number of other enhancements.

The new video playback features include the ability for users of the iOS and Android apps to stream their favorite YouTube videos to their desktop, Mac, or Windows PC.

Users can also choose from over a dozen audio-only options for audio and video playback, including the ability or the ability not to record video.

Users can now change the background color of videos.

The app now supports a “more” button in the toolbar, which allows users to set a video’s background color to whatever color they want it to appear in the app.

Users of the Windows and Mac apps can now set a new video background image.

The “new” button on the YouTube home screen now appears next to the video thumbnail icon.

The video player now supports multiple playback modes, including “auto” and a “slow” playback option.

Users also now have the option to play back YouTube videos at the maximum video resolution of 640×480 on their desktop.

The YouTube app now allows users with multiple accounts to have multiple streams available for their videos.

Users now have a new “viewer name” for their YouTube account.

In addition, the app now shows the number of followers you have on Twitter, as well as a button to the left of the account name that lets you know whether you have any followers or not.

In a separate update, Twitter also made it possible for users with a new iPhone 6 Plus to download video clips in the background, and to add them as favorites to their Twitter feed.

On iPhone, the new “share with” option will show up when viewing videos.

On Android, users can now share videos from the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

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