‘Lucky’ ‘lucky’ for girl who had her teeth knocked out after a catfight

LONDON, England – A video posted to YouTube by a young girl from the United Kingdom who was filmed in a cat fight has sparked outrage and sparked a debate about what happens when an innocent person is injured.

She was knocked out of the ring when a large cat jumped on top of her.

She has been hailed as a hero and her video has been viewed nearly two million times.

But her family say it’s not what happened that matters.

“My son has had a seizure, so we’ve taken him to hospital,” said the mother of the little girl, who is now 16.

The girl was at a friend’s house with her family when a group of girls went into a fight.

One of the girls was knocked over by the cat and landed on top and her friend had to go help her.

The girl’s mother told the BBC she felt lucky the fight didn’t happen to her daughter, and that her son was lucky.

Lucky: The video of a girl being knocked out by a cat in the video.

What did she do?

The mother of a young Londoner who was knocked unconscious after being hit in the face by a large-cat brawl posted a video on YouTube of her son having his teeth knocked off and his jaw broken.

A woman in the fight, identified only as “Lucky”, says she was at home watching TV when the fight broke out and got a call from her sister.

It was then she realised her daughter was on the ground.

‘Lucky girl’ is now 17 and she has a Facebook page with more than 5,000 followers.

Police are investigating.

They have not yet named the girl.

Last week, an 11-year-old boy in Australia, who was caught in a similar fight, was given a suspended sentence.

In a recent episode of the reality TV show, “Busted” in which contestants compete to fight each other in a ring, a girl from Sydney was knocked to the ground after a fight broke up between three teenagers.

And last year, a 15-year old boy from the UK was sentenced to two years in jail for punching a man in the head with a golf club. ABC/wires

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