When Apple says no, we’ll all be stuck with our phones for the foreseeable future

Apple’s decision to stop making its own hardware will be a major blow to the entire smartphone market, and it will affect all of us.

We’re going to see people who don’t own a smartphone or tablets or laptops, but rely on the iPhone or iPad as their primary way of communicating.

It will mean that the only way to do business online is with Apple devices, which means the company will lose out on more than just the revenue it currently earns from the sale of Apple hardware.

But we’re still going to be stuck, no matter what happens to Apple’s hardware business.

It doesn’t matter that the company has been losing money for years, and Apple is now only one of a handful of companies that have been unable to find an economic way to make money.

There’s no doubt that Apple is in a tough spot right now.

Its smartphone and tablet business is shrinking at a much faster pace than any other company.

It’s lost a lot of market share to rivals like Samsung, Xiaomi, and others, and as a result, its products are becoming more expensive.

As the price of its products have gone up, so has its share of the global smartphone market.

Apple has also seen its iPhone revenue decline by around 50% since its iPhone 6 launched, and the company’s iPhone revenue is expected to fall even further, according to a recent report from The Information.

But what’s even worse for Apple is that the iPhone is one of the few companies that can still survive in a world where there’s a lot more competition than there was when the iPhone launched.

That’s why Apple can’t just stop making hardware anymore.

It can’t simply stop producing a product that doesn’t work as well as the one it currently makes, and that will likely have a much bigger impact on Apple’s bottom line.

The iPhone’s biggest weakness, however, is its reliance on a very limited number of people who use it.

Apple needs to make more devices like the iPhone, and even then it has to find a way to sell them.

The company can’t afford to continue to make devices that don’t work very well, either.

We’ll likely see more companies making smartphones, but the ones that can actually compete with Apple in a way that it can’t are going to come from places like Samsung and Xiaomi.

As long as Apple is the only company that can make a smartphone that works and that sells, it can afford to make those phones cheaper, and if those phones don’t sell as well, that’s going to mean that Apple will lose a lot less money.

That won’t be good for Apple, either, because the company can no longer sell a large number of devices that work and that are great for its business.

That means it’ll have to focus on making more and more of its smartphones for people who already own the devices.

That may mean some new designs, but it’ll also mean that those designs will be more expensive, and people will be forced to buy more phones in order to get the new features.

The good news for Apple?

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are great phones, but they’re going down in price at an alarming rate.

Apple’s next-generation iPhone will be $399, which is a lot cheaper than the price the iPhone 6 costs today.

That will be good news to Apple, because that’s where the bulk of its smartphone revenue will come from.

But Apple is going to have to make a lot fewer iPhones.

Even if it keeps making phones like the 6 Plus and 6S, the company doesn’t have much room to grow in the smartphone market because Apple is already struggling to find any new buyers.

It may be able to get new buyers by introducing a few new features, like a fingerprint reader or a better camera, but those features will likely be expensive, at least in the short term.

If Apple can only find new buyers at the high end of the market, then the company won’t have to spend much money to expand its lineup.

The bad news is that Apple can still sell phones that work very poorly.

If you have a cheap phone, you’re probably going to want to go with the more expensive models.

The more expensive the phone, the more you’re going be forced into paying extra for a bigger screen, better cameras, and a bigger battery.

It also means that Apple has a very narrow range of models it can sell to the public.

That is a problem for Apple because it can only sell a few of these devices to the masses, and those are the ones people actually want.

Apple is a company that relies on people paying for its products.

When people buy iPhones and iPads, they are buying a product they want to use, and they’re paying for that product to be a little more expensive than it otherwise would be.

They’re paying to be able that phone or tablet work better than they would have without Apple.

When those customers aren’t using those products anymore, the iPhone will probably end up

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