Which movies are you most likely to see in theaters next year?

The first year of a movie’s release is usually a time when audiences have their fill of a film, and they’ll return to it again and again, according to a new study from New Scientist.

The study surveyed 1,500 moviegoers at a number of locations in the U.S. and Canada, asking them which movies they’d like to see more of next year.

“A movie can be one of the first experiences in a theater and it can be the most exciting thing you’ll ever see,” says Sarah Gifford, who worked on the study with her colleagues at the University of Toronto.

“It can be a huge deal.

But you also have to remember that people are going to see it again, and it’s not always that easy.”

The study found that movies tend to get a boost in theaters when they get a sequel.

The more people are talking about a film now, the more likely they are to see a sequel, the study says.

The results also indicate that sequels tend to be popular in theaters.

“When you see movies again, they’re more likely to get people talking about them,” Giffords says.

“So the more movies you see, the higher your chances of a sequel.”

For those who can’t wait to see the sequels, the best movies to see are ones with big stars.

That’s because those movies can make a big splash at the box office.

“You know when you’re watching a movie, you’re expecting the movie to be great,” Gaffords says, “but when you see it in theaters, you can see the movie in a whole new way.”

If you’re not able to wait until summer, here are a few movies that are still on the big screen this year.

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