Why is the Internet so hard to control?

A new digital security report from the Electronic Frontier Foundation argues that the Internet has become a far more dangerous place than most people realize.

The report points to the proliferation of ad networks, social-media platforms and online gaming sites that allow users to share videos, images and other content.

In short, it argues that if we don’t get more involved with digital security, we will continue to see more cyberattacks and attacks.

The EFF report, titled Protecting the Internet: What’s Going Wrong, cites three main reasons for the proliferation and spread of digital security.

“First, the Internet is a highly accessible, highly mobile and highly mobile-accessible platform, making it possible for people to engage in large-scale, mass-scale distributed denial of service attacks,” the report said.

“Second, the threat from cybercriminals and malware has grown in sophistication, with many of them using the tools to infect and control other systems.”

Third, the “unprecedented access” of the Internet allows for mass-distributed denial-of-service attacks.

These attacks, which are often called DDoS attacks, have become commonplace in recent years, the report noted.

The attack is done by sending thousands of requests to a single site that can be “attacked from all directions.”

These requests can be delivered via email, a text message or a social media post.

The attacks are typically performed by using the same tools used by hackers and online attackers.

In many cases, the targets of these attacks are companies, banks and governments.

The problem, the EFF report says, is that the perpetrators can use any of these tools, and the victims of such attacks are often unaware of the attack until it happens.

These attackers, the group writes, “can target the target and anyone who uses their site to access it, including the victims themselves.”

Cybercriminals use the same tactics to target governments and businesses, and they have also been found to have targeted the personal information of millions of Americans.

“Cybercriminals, not law enforcement, are the true villains,” the group said.

It notes that many attacks have been carried out by lone hackers, and it recommends that all companies that host or sell user data take “robust measures to make sure that their users have the best possible security and privacy protections.”

Cybersecurity experts say that digital security is a growing concern, and that the report doesn’t go far enough.

“The report focuses only on some of the ways in which the Internet and the devices that support it are vulnerable to attack,” said Michael Horowitz, executive director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center.

“It’s important to emphasize that the threats are not only digital, but also physical,” he added.

“We are at a critical point in the development of technology that is enabling a global, distributed and distributed denial- of-service attack on millions of devices.”

Horowitz said that the threat is real.

“Our governments need to step up and invest in digital security and take the necessary actions to protect our critical infrastructure from cyberattack,” he said.

Horowitz said he is optimistic about the report’s recommendations, noting that the new report has already been endorsed by the US Senate Intelligence Committee.

“I hope this report serves as a wake-up call for all of us, but I also hope it will help us continue to focus on our security and cybersecurity needs as we move forward,” Horowitz said.

For more on the issue, check out this week’s ABC News TechBeat:

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