Watch: Alyssa Milano on the ‘Star Wars’ film and ‘The Avengers’ TV series

The Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie is in theaters and you should check out the trailer.

Milano, who is the first African-American to play a prominent role in a Hollywood movie, talks about the role of the white savior in a new podcast.

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Read the transcript of the podcast:Star Wars: Star Wars – Star Wars The Force Awaken by The New York Times.

I think we’re on a journey now that I think has a lot to do with the fact that we’re living in an age where there’s more diversity in our culture.

And, so, when you think about all the films that we’ve seen that were made and how the whole story line has been set up, I think there’s really a sense of a universal message.

We are one in a lot of ways.

I think we are one of the most diverse species on the planet.

So, it’s a great story.

I was in an amazing world, so I was able to experience it.

I could go to that world and go, wow, there’s so much beauty in that world.

That was so important to me, and I just wanted to be a part of that world, to be able to have that experience and experience that.

The movie’s not perfect, but it’s the first film that I’ve been a part in that had such a deep connection to me.

And I thought it was going to be really exciting.

It was going be a really special experience.

But I also think that it has a very powerful message.

I mean, I know that’s not a hyperbole.

I’m talking about what the audience’s going to have to experience.

And so, I feel like it was just a really powerful message that we wanted to tell.

We’re all a part and part of the film is going to bring us together.

It’s going have a lot more to do, I don’t know, in some way, with who we are and who we see.

I don.

It will be a little bit more complicated than it was, but that’s really the message.

And then, when I think about the other characters, and it’s been a little longer, I was thinking, wow.

It doesn’t really feel like there’s any other characters on this movie.

And then, the other one that I was really interested in, and the other character that I wanted to talk about, I’m not sure why.

But they’re all so compelling and I think, wow!

They’re all characters that I really wanted to see, so that was really cool.

And I love, like, the way the character of Poe Dameron, and his character, the whole thing, the look of his face.

I loved that look.

And that’s why I got involved with the film.

And we wanted, as much as we could, to explore what that look would mean to the character.

And when I read the script, I didn’t really understand how the look was supposed to look, so it was really fun to play.

I did a little research, and then we had a discussion about the look, and that’s what I was trying to do.

And he’s a very smart, charismatic character.

I love the way that he talks.

I just love how he moves and I love how, like in the movie, he’s so focused and so committed.

And it was fun to be involved in that.

It really was.

And finally, when we talked about the TV show, it was a big deal to me because I think the show has been such a part, especially in the Marvel universe, of all of us getting to know our characters.

And of all the movies that have been made, it just seems like every year that goes by, we get to see characters come out of the woodwork, so to speak.

And now, I can see where that’s coming from, and, of course, it makes me feel so proud and so happy that I got to play such an important part in the development of the character, because I know there’s a lot that’s going on in that movie.

But it was also a really exciting experience, because it’s my first time in front of the camera.

And my first role in the show.

And all of the other cast members that have come before me, I’ve done so many movies that they’ve done, and they’ve all been so good, but I never felt that they were my real friends.

And this is my first opportunity to have them on my team, and so, that was a really great feeling.

And you know, I love playing that character.

So I’m really looking forward to doing it.

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